Why is Saving Water becoming more and more Important?

How important is it to save water?

It might be hard to understand with so much rain in Britain why we should worry about water conservation. Still, high population density and growing big cities mean that some parts of the country have less water resources available per person than many Mediterranean countries or even Sudan.

Climate change experts predict that we will experience more extreme weather patterns, with wetter winters and drier summers, so saving water has never been more important. This could mean there will be less water when we need it most; hence we should try to be more water efficient and make the best use of the resources available. Not to mention the fact that higher usage of water will continue to elevate the price of water, so when you save water you will save more money. Every household should introduce changes to make sure they save water for their own benefit and the rest of the world.

At the moment we are definitely not a water efficient nation. It has been calculated that almost one third of all the drinkable water we use in our homes literally goes down the drain, around 50 litres every day for each one of us which equates to each person filling 1,300 buckets a year. Imagine how much less water would need to be treated if we could manage to save water more effectively.

Simply adopting good habits can save a considerable amount of water, for instance using your washing machine or dishwasher only when full, or installing a water efficient showerhead and tap aerator. You do not have to settle for lower standards of living or sacrifice your shower experience to save water.

Climate Change and Population Growth is making water more expensive by the day and saving water will leave you with more money in your pocket. It is important we take action to conserve our water resources in any way possible.

Edited from Environment Agency’s article