1. Collect rain water in a water butt, it's a great way to collect the water plants love! If you don't already have one then you can buy your water butt see one of our amazing offers.
  2. Use water storing crystals to lock water in to the compost to help keep plant roots moist and to reduce watering. Check our wide range of gels and garden products.
  3. Check for outdoor leaks by looking for patches of moist soil when it has not been raining for a while.
Why trees?

Forests are the natural global regulator of fresh water on land, owing to their filtration of groundwater, water storage and transpiration qualities, while their root networks prevent soil erosion and land degradation. Forests also play a crucial part in tackling Climate Change because of their role in cloud nucleation. Low-altitude cloud formations (from equatorial forests) have a net cooling effect on the atmosphere.

So SaveWaterSaveMoney has teamed up with WeForest, a charity which has planted nearly 6 million trees throughout equatorial regions of the world. We aim to create and build our very own forest, based on your efforts to use less water. Against every product on our website you’ll find a tree icon, which represents what contribution we’ll make to this forest as a direct result of your purchase (or request for free products). All contributions are made from our own profits.

Every quarter we’ll donate the number of trees relative to the collective activities of our customers and donate to WeForest. We’ll tell you how much our forest is growing through regular updates on this page and via our eNewsletter. Over time, you’ll be able to see how your actions are making a direct difference to both the environment and to your own pocket through the water and money saving products provided by SaveWaterSaveMoney.

Mira Eco Shower Head

This eco shower head not only gives you an invigorating shower, but also reduces water consumption and saves you money.

It's unique, built in water saving aeration device traps lots of tiny air bubbles in the water stream; that means less water is used and as a result less energy is used too to heat the water.