Tried and tested products to save water in the garden

As any garden centre will tell you, saving water in the garden makes sense because it’s easy and it saves money, too. One of the most common ways is to collect and recycle rainwater from our house and shed roofs. You can do this by using a water butt to start rainwater harvesting and we have plenty to choose from. The water you’ve saved could then be used to wash your car or water the plants for example, and our portable hand pump pressure sprayer is a great product to help do this. Or perhaps you could add water storing crystals, gels or granules to aid water retention in your soil or attach a trigger gun to your hosepipe to help the water go when and exactly where you need it to. Whichever methods you prefer to keep your garden flourishing, our range makes it easy.

Where possible, we provide water usage and water saving design information on our garden products. Our aim is to enable you to make the best value for money choice, whatever you budget

Have a think about whether you’d prefer...

• Rainwater Harvesting – which are clever ways to collect and use rainwater outside and in your garden

• Water storing for plants – which are a fast acting way to lock moisture into compost and the soil, so you only have to water plants once a week

• Hosepipes and Attachments – ensuring the right hose pipe attachment for the right job will always use less water and be quicker.

• Burst Pipe Prevention – which are products to protect you outside water sources from the cold.