Save Water with Bath Toys

Save Water with Bathbuoy

It’s back to school and the return of the nightly bath time routine. And all these baths mean families are using more water, leaving parents thinking of ways to save water. To help families save water Save Water Save Money has teamed up with Anglian Water to provide some useful ways to save water that not only save money on water and heating bills but still make bath time fun.

Anglian Water knows that children love to have a bath - so a water efficient shower isn’t really an option for most youngsters. So instead we’ve put our heads together and come up with ways to save water – especially during term time – that help you save water and money as part of your normal routines.

Save Water Save Money’s new bath time toy BathBuoy combines bath fun with water conservation. BathBuoy is a water saving product aimed at younger children and comes in two designs - the swashbuckling Pirates' Island and Penguin Island packed full of adorable characters and fun features like volcanoes. And while the kids make a splash, BathBuoy saves water by displacing it. In fact BathBuoy saves around 30 litres of water with every bath.

Save Water Save Money company Director, Tim Robertson says;

“Bathbuoy raises children’s awareness about saving water and shows them that there are many ways to save water that are fun.

“We are excited by the news that BathBuoy has been nominated for a Practical Parenting Award and we’re certain that parents will welcome the contribution BathBuoy makes to saving water for families.”

Although BathBuoy makes saving water fun, there is still a serious side to water conservation. The increasing scarcity of water as a resource was very apparent with the drought and hosepipe ban that affected much of the country earlier this year.

As our population increases and we face more prolonged dry spells at critical times for rainfall, saving water will become more important. It means we all need to look for ways to save water in our daily lives.

One quick and easy way of saving water, and making a dramatic difference, is to reduce the amount of water in the bath. BathBuoy helps save water at children’s bath time and adults can do the same by reducing the depth of their baths too.

You can save water by filling an 80 litre bath with just 60 litres. This could save you around £40 per year on utility bills if you’re on a water meter. Around £12 of this saving would be from energy bills by using less hot water each year.

Anglian Water calculated that if half of all the young children in their region used a BathBuoy to save water, families would save water to the tune of around 17 million litres every bath time.

If you’re interested in water conservation and would like to save water at bath time, BathBuoys are currently available for Anglian Water customers at half the usual price for a limited time from their website.