Britains Domestic Water Use

At Home With Water’ Shines light onto Britain’s Domestic Water Use

A pioneering report ‘At Home with Water’ released by the Energy Saving Trust in partnership with Defra, Procter and Gamble, Thames Water, Consumer Council for Water and Save Water Save Money Ltd confirmed that the area in which Britons waste most water is the bathroom, with consumption as high as 47%.

The report also revealed that each person uses on average 142 litres of water each day with Britain using 840 Billion litres each year. If you are a water efficiency enthusiast and also like to save money, you might be tempted to install a water meter as OFWAT suggests that bills are £63 lower* every year after a water meter is installed. 43% of EST Report Survey’s respondents have already made that decision and are enjoying the benefits.

We also managed to get an insight on bathroom behaviours and it turns out that on average each individual takes 4.4 showers and 1.3 baths each week. Our Four Minute Shower Timer might prove to be a good gift as people generally spend seven-and-a-half minutes in the shower and 13% of people exceed ten minutes for their daily shower.

Curious about other findings? More facts and figures that might help you save water around the house are available from Save Water Save Money