Save Water by Using a Hose Pipe

Save Water by using a garden hose

As the summer comes to an end there are still lots of jobs to do in the garden and we still need to think about ways to save water. It helps to remember that hosepipes aren’t especially water efficient and they aren’t always the only option either.

Here are some tips to help you use less water when hosing and some water saving alternatives to the hosepipe.

Do you really need to use a hose?

  1. Instead of hosing down the patio or driveway, first dry brush to remove debris and then save water by dipping the brush in a bucket of water and attacking the grime with a wet scrub.
  2. Clean your car without water. Yes, we’re serious. Waterless Car Cleaning from Onedrywash will wash and wax your vehicle using absolutely no water. Simply spray and spread it on and then wipe off to reveal a sparkling car. It’s water efficient and works out at about £2 a wash.
  3. Let your garden grow. Dormant grass only needs watering every three weeks, less if it rains. If you can’t resist mowing, use a high setting so roots stay moist in the shade.

How to use your hose and be water efficient

  1. Use a hose gun. A nozzle like our Hozelock Ultra 6 Premium is trigger operated, giving you complete control over the amount – and direction – of your watering, so you save water by only using what you need.
  2. There are three spray patterns to suit the job you’re doing: a powerful jet for cleaning, fast-fill for filling up buckets and fine mist for seedlings.
  3. Re-use rainwater with a water butt pump. Water butts are brimming over after such a wet start to the summer and plants actually prefer this untreated water to the stuff that comes out the taps.
  4. Rainperfect allows you to use a hosepipe to water your garden without attaching to the mains. It’s a clever solar powered water butt pump system that uses sunshine to water your garden.
  5. Become energy efficient with a hand pump pressure washer. You can fill a hand pump pressure washer from your water butt and even if you use mains water you’ll still save energy and water as it only uses 10 litres to clean a four door saloon car.

For more advice on how to save water in the garden take a look at our website.