Making Bathtime more Enjoyable for Children

Ideas for fun and games in the bath for your children

Saving water is a hot topic on our blog for obvious reasons, but while we save water we like to have some fun too and what better for place for children to make a splash than the bath?

Bath time gives children the chance to burn off the last of their energy before bedtime and it’s a chance for parents to join in the fun, especially if you can live with getting soaked in the process.

Over on our BathBuoy website we have lots of downloadable colouring sheets like this one based on our Penguin Island BathBuoy. Simply print off and share with your children and if your little artist is particularly pleased with their work then you can send it to us and we’ll pop it onto our gallery.

When it’s time to wash the felt tip pen from those sticky fingers here are some ideas for fun and games in the bath:

  • Children love their bath toys but they can grow tired of them quickly. Keep things fresh by rotating the toys and having some just for bath time. You can also add variety cheaply by using something from the house like a plastic kitchen utensil or containers.
  • Look out for educational bath toys so your children can learn while they play. Your toddler will have hours of fun playing with something simple like plastic cups in different sizes and colours. It’s a chance for you to join in and play at pouring, filling and emptying too. Your child will be happy playing and without knowing it they will be introduced to cause and effect, shapes and colours, as well as working on their motor skills.
  • Popping bubbles is a fantastic bath time game to play with the kids. You can blow the bubbles and your child can practise clapping their hands together to pop them. Give your toddler’s ever expanding vocabulary a helping hand by asking your child to point to a big or small bubble and play at catching them before they fall into the bath water.
  • Get in a lather! Mix some tear-free bubble bath to the water and enjoy some role play by creating a beard Father Christmas would be proud of. Or you could encourage your budding artist to create a masterpiece with shaving cream or foam on the side of the bath tub.
  • Could your child be the next Banksy? Suspend the rules and give your toddler some freedom to play and create artwork away from the usual boundaries. Use bath finger paints and pens, reusable stickers and foam shapes that stick to the bath’s wall.

If you found this useful then you’ll be pleased to know we’re putting together another blog post with even more suggestions for fun and games at bath time. Keep your eyes peeled – we’ll be publishing it soon!

If you’re feeling inspired by our ideas then take a look at our fabulous range of educational and fun bath toys. And of course don’t forget our innovative water saving bath toy BathBuoy with both Pirate and Penguin Islands to choose from.