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Why should I use Eco Friendly Detergents?

Here are some reasons for using eco friendly detergents

Conventional detergents might seem like an easier and cheaper option. But did you know that every time you use your conventional, chemical-filled detergent, you could be affecting you and your families’ health — as well as the health of downstream waterways and aquatic life?

Today, non-eco detergents are more likely to be a mixture of synthetic chemicals and additives cooked up in a huge chemical plant and, unlike traditional soap, they're generally liquids rather than solids. On the other hand, organic laundry liquids and powders, eco-friendly dishwasher tablets, washing up liquids and toilet cleaners are made with non-toxic and natural ingredients. They are certified by the government or an independent agency as organic after checking the ingredients that are used for the green cleaning products. These environmentally friendly cleaning products are as effective as other soaps and detergents but, all of the eco detergents, are free from any harmful chemicals or pollutants and are devoid of harmful toxins as well.

So why should you use eco-friendly detergents? First of all they are natural, safe and effective. Secondly, they are better for the environment. According to a Seventh Generation study, if every U.S. household replaced one bottle of petroleum-based detergent with a plant-based one, 149,000 barrels of oil could be saved — enough to heat and cool 8,500 homes for a year.

With such a wide range of eco products on the market which ones should you be investing in? Detergents that are phosphate-free, not animal tested, biodegradable and packaged in recyclable containers should be at the top of your list. Efficiency at 30°C is also worth looking for as these detergents need less energy. You can also save money and even water, if you buy concentrated detergents as millions of litres of water are used to dilute conventional laundry detergents before they get bottled. Here are some of the products rated as most of effective and ‘the best value for money’:

  1. Ecover Non-biological Laundry Liquid this eco-friendly detergent is completely biodegradable and the detergent’s formula has been improved containing a new ingredient made from rapeseed oil, which has resulted in improved washing power thanks to its non-foaming properties. Best for colours and darks.
  2. Ecoleaf Laundry Liquid is manufactured from plant extracts and is 100 per cent biodegradable. Sold in recyclable containers, the non-biological laundry liquid is made in the UK and comes with certification from the Vegan Society and BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection).
  3. Bio D Washing Powder is a non-biological, concentrated powder that can be used for hand washing or automatic and twin tub machines. It’s made from renewable raw materials wherever possible and doesn’t test on animals or include animal by-products. Bio D also has certification from the Vegan Society, Naturewatch Trust, BUAV and the World Wildlife Foundation.
  4. Violet’s Non-Bio Laundry Powder this eco laundry detergent is gorgeously lavender scented, chemical free and based on gentle natural minerals and organic essential oils. Formulated with young children in mind, it works equally well on adult clothing and does a good job at 30 degrees.