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Five Good Reasons to Switch to Eco Household Cleaners

Become more eco friendly today by switching to eco household cleaners

Our waterways can only take so much – that’s why water efficiency is so important. We rely on household cleaning products such as detergents and bleaches for extra cleaning power, but once these cleaners have done the job they’re pumped back into our waterways where many of the chemicals they contain stick around to upset the balance of the ecosystem.

You can reduce your wastewater’s impact on the environment by opting for eco friendly detergents. Many eco cleaners come in an ultra-concentrated formula, which makes them equally good value as conventional cleaners but the big difference is that their natural ingredients are kinder to the environment and your family.

If you’re still not convinced about making the switch, here are more reasons to use eco friendly household cleaners.

  1. Water and Energy Savings

    You can’t really blame us for putting this top of the list can you? The truth is soap suds don’t come naturally, it takes abrasive chemicals to make bubbles and so eco laundry and dishes need much less water to rinse them clean.

    Eco laundry detergents are also formulated to work with cold water, which can significantly reduce your energy consumption.
  2. No compromise on cleaning power or sumptuous smells

    Not only do eco cleaning products use natural essential oils like lavender or rosemary, instead of synthetic fragrances, they don’t compromise on quality either. You still enjoy white and colour fast laundry, just without having to resort to the optical brighteners or harsh whiteners that can threaten our health as well as the environment.
  3. Plant-based ingredients

    Oils derived from petroleum aren’t used in eco cleaners; instead they contain plant-based oils such as coconut or soy oil.
  4. Biodegradable

    Because eco cleaning products use plant based ingredients they biodegrade quickly and don’t build up in lakes and streams or disrupt or even poison aquatic life in the way that unnatural substances can.
  5. Safe for your family

    Feel confident that you’re not exposing your family to harsh chemicals. Natural ingredients are kinder to skin; reduce irritations, allergies, respiratory problems or even more serious health problems.

We think you’ll agree that these are pretty compelling reasons to turn to environmentally friendly cleaning products.

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