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Garden Design - Add a Water Butt for Better Blooms this Summer

Add a butt for better blooms this summer

Water Butts and your Garden

Today weメre talking about the wonderful world of water butts. Water Butts, or Poly Water Tanks as they are sometimes known, are an excellent way of collecting rainwater and diverting it away from the drains for a better use. They are simple to use, set up and what is more you can use a ムGutter Mateメ to prevent leaves and other gunk getting into your water storage tanks.

Water butts are not just economic but also far better from the plants, better than watering from the tap too. Water from taps is designed first and foremost for human consumption. It gets sterilised and then chemicals such as fluoride are added to protect your teeth and bones. These might be good for humans but not necessarily for our gardens.

Rainwater on the other hand is pure and untreated, just as Mother Nature intended. The plants in your garden will prefer rainwater to tap water because it does not contain the chemicals needed to meet tap waterメs drinking quality.

Why Water from Butts is better for your Car

Whatメs more if you are washing a car using a cleaning agent, you will need to use much less, again due to fewer chemicals the water is softer and cleaning your car becomes a breeze. The water is also likely to lather better.

So this Summer think about installing a Water Butt in your garden. You can get everything you need (including solar powered water pumps) for an easy installation in Save Water Save Moneyメs Gardening section.