Water Wally and Singapore's Water Saving Videos

Water Wally and Singapore's Water Saving Videos

The schoolboy, the hawker auntie, the young lady and the crazy uncle ヨ the spasms begin as soon as Water Wally pops up, lurking in the corner of every frame. First shocked, then jubilant, they found their bodies taken over by the urge to do the Shower Dance. モKeep it to five, keep it to five!ヤ

Itメs the latest offering from the Public Utilitiesメ Board (PUB) campaign for water conservation, using its mascot Water Wally, a constantly-smiling light blue drop of water with arms and legs.

Singapore has had a campaign on water conservation for as long as we can remember, although music videos are a relatively new introduction to the mix; their promotions had previously focussed on water-rationing exercises and colourful posters.

Apparently 185 primary schools across the country have already taught the Shower Dance to school children.

Here at Save Water Save Money weメre not sure it is necessarily the way to go but we thought tsome of you out there might enjoy a bit of a dance. Last time we checked it had recioeved over 80,000 hits on You Tube but we have no way of telling how many of those people were on a water saving mission and how many where enjoying the dance.