What Tap do I Buy?

Taps to suit any Bathroom

At Savewatersavemoney we use the best brands so that you have only the finest selection to choose from. Our brands, including great names such as the following: Methven, Deva, Francis Peglar and Hudson Reed, deliver some of the finest taps. Chrome Taps minimise the effects of wear, your bathroom will look newer for longer.

Confused as to which type to choose? Let us help you out

When it comes to saving money, we know what we’re talking about, and making a simple choice such as which tap you want can make a big difference to your bills. A tap aerator can save you money through the regulation of the water flow, meaning that if a tap is left running for an amount of time, less water is wasted.

Use of a monobloc is ideal for a one hole basin as it allows the mixing of hot and cold water through one hole. If you’d prefer to have two separate taps on your sink then Mixer Taps would be the ideal choice for you. A simple turn of either tap will produce water from one hole at the required temperature. These taps will save you money as opposed to normal taps. Instead of running two separate temperatures of water to combine, the water is combined within the tap, conserving water and your money.

Shower Mixers allow you at attach a shower to your bathroom taps. You can switch between running water for a bath and running water for a shower by simply pressing or pulling a lever. This is a great product for saving space in your bathroom.

Our promise to you

As the UK’s number 1 supplier of water saving products, we pride ourselves in the quality of our Taps. We offer warranties on all of our products and only deal with the finest brands. If within ten days you find you wish to return your product, our specialist team is happy to provide a full refund and help to find something else that will suit your needs.