How to Save Water while taking Showers

Tips on how to save water while taking a shower

Water-saving shower gadgets

The amount of time you spend in the shower also affects the amount of water you use – and waste. But how long is too long? There are plenty of water-saving gadgets on the market that time how long you're taking and alert you to when your time is up. We've tested a couple of them:

  • The Eco Showerdrop alerts you when you've used 35 litres of water – the amount recommended by water-efficiency group Waterwise.
  • The Efergy Showertime is a combined clock and timer that you can pre-program so it tells you when you've reached your limit.

Your water company may also supply free water-saving gadgets for your shower. These gadgets include:

  • A shower-flow reducer that screws into the bottom of your shower hose
  • Simple shower timers in the shape of an egg timer that attach to your shower walls with a suction cup.

Check with your water company to see what freebies it offers.