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Water butts for clever water saving and rainwater harvesting

According to a recent survey by the Energy Saving Trust, more and more of us are using a water butt, water container or water tanks to catch some of the thousands of litres of water that falls onto our roofs each year. So our experts have picked out some great water features for you to choose from. From the 100 litre slimline water butt to the 190 litre water containers, our range has it all. Rain water harvesting can be an easy way to make your home more water efficient – and if you’re on a water meter, it will save you money, too. Where possible, we provide water usage and water saving design information on our Water Butt products. Our aim is to enable you to make the best value for money choice, whatever you budget.

Have a think about what water butt you’d prefer...

• A water butt kit - which comes with everything you need to start rainwater harvesting

• A gutter mate - which cleans your gutter and diverts rain water (water efficiently) all in one go