Pressure Sprayer with FREE 60CM lance in Box

Pressure Sprayes with FREE 60cm Lance Extension will help you wash the car, water the garden or even wash the windows in a water efficient way. No hosepipe. No electricity. Water saving at its best.

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Product Description

This Pressure Sprayer is the most versatile water-saving product we’ve come across. It doesn't need electricity or a hosepipe, so you can use it for just about everything, at any time and anywhere, whether at home or in a remote field.

And right now you can purchase the 12 litre Pressure Sprayer with a FREE . This extension sprayer is a perfect way to add a little additional reach to your pressure sprayer, ideal to reach those far corners of your car, caravan or garden

Range of Water Efficient Spray Options

With its adjustable pressurised spray delivered through a handy trigger system, you can use water efficiently and effectively, choosing to apply a range of sprays from concentrated jet to a fine mist.

In fact, here are just some of the uses we’ve found for this hand pump pressure sprayer:

  • Washing the car – you can rinse a 4 door saloon with under 10 litres
  • For those with babies and young kids, it’s ideal to jet wash muddy pram wheels
  • This will come in handy for sports enthusiasts, who’d prefer to clean their equipment before they pack it in the car – mountain bikes, canoes, rugby balls…. the list is endless
  • Cleaning windows – the jet will reach out-of-reach first floor windows
  • Gardeners will love this because they can carry it to those far reaches of the garden where their hosepipe just won’t reach. You can use the pressure sprayer for a range of gardening tasks, such as watering the lawn when buying a thirsty sprinkler is not practical.
  • We’ve even heard from someone whose shower broke down!

Product Specifications
Total capacity – 11.70 litres
Working capacity – 11.0 litres
Pressure – 0.4 MPa or 58.01 psi
Net Weight (without water) – 2.2Kg
Height – 60cm
Hose length – 250cm

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