GunkPot for Waste Fats

The details and benefits of the GunkPot:

  • Save Money - Avoid the cost of an estimated 50% of sewer blockages by storing fat until cool enough to go in the bin, rather than pouring it down the sink. Start using your GunkPot today! 
  • Functional - It's easy to assume that the warm grease left in a pan after frying bacon or your Sunday roast would be ok to put down the sink and that if you wash it down with hot soapy water it will be fine. The reality is that the fat and grease will quickly cool and solidify, over time building up and blocking the drain or sewer. Using the GunkPot is simple and easy, simply store the fat until cooled and dispose in the waste. 
  • Easy to Use - When ready simply ensure all fats, oils and grease is cooled to room temperature before carefully pouring into the GunkPot. 
  • Additional Items - To help prevent blockages, the GunkPot comes with two little helpers: The Plate Scraper - Use the silicone plate scraper to scrape away any leftover food on plates into the bin and can also be used to scrap away excess fats, oils and grease from your pots and pans into the GunkPot. The Sink Strainer - Place your sink strainer over the plug hole to catch leftover food bits from going down the drain, as ever small amounts of food waste can cause blockages. 

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Product Description


Don't pour your fats, oil or grease down the sink, use GunkPot!

Did you know that even small amounts of fat poured down a sink can contribute to blocked drains? In fact, estimates suggest 50% of sewer blockages are caused by products poured down the sink which should instead go in the bin. So start using our GunkPot now!

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