Save - 2 x 200 Litre Water Butts With 1 Diverter and 1 Link Kit

The details and benefits of this Water Butt Kit:

  • Water Efficient - The Water Butt has the capacity to collect up 200 litres of water, a total of 400 litres across the two, which can then be used for watering the garden, cleaning the car etc.
  • Installation - This kit comes complete with 2 push fit lockable lids,2 hose connector taps, 2 stands, a waterbutt link kit and a downpipe connector kit ,20 inches long,  which fit standard 68mm round plastic downpipes, or 65mm square plastic downpipes.
  • Design - Made from recycled plastic here in the UK.
  • Dimensions - Height 936mm, Height with stand 1216mm, Depth 680mm.
  • Delivery - You will receive delivery of your Water Butt within 10 Working Days from purchase, together with email updates allowing you to keep track of the order process and when to expect delivery.*Please note, items are not guaranteed to be delivered together, but both items will be received within the allotted time.
  • Guarantee - This product comes with a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee.
  • Returns - Please note there will be a fee for returning this product, therefore if you have any questions, please get in touch before placing the order.

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Now£52.49 P&P: £5.00

Product Description

The 200L Water Butt Kit Includes:

  • Two 200L Water Butts
  • Two Water Butt Lids
  • Two Water Butt Taps
  • Two Water Butt Stands
  • One Downpipe Connector Kit
  • One Water Butt Link Kit



You will receive delivery of your Water Butt Kit within  10 Working Days from purchase, together with email updates allowing you to keep track of the order process and when to expect delivery. This is all included in the delivery price of £5.


This Water Butt Kit is suitable for both round and square downpipes, which is simply connected beside your house on it's stand, enabling you to start collecting rainwater to use around your garden. A small tap at the bottom of the Water Butt makes it easier to draw water into a watering can, bucket or down a soaker hose.

Winter Advice

To ensure the Water Butt Kit remains in perfect condition, we recommend emptying the water during very cold snaps, as frozen water can lead to the Water Butt cracking.


  • Height 936mm
  • Height with Stand 1216mm
  • Width 680mm


Please note: Water Butts are supplied as a kit, some fitting will be required.

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