Hand Pump Pressure Sprayer

The Water Saving Hand Pump Pressure Sprayer is the most versatile water-saving product we’ve come across. No hosepipe. No electricity. Water saving at its best.

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The Water Saving Hand Pump Pressure Sprayer is the most versatile water-saving product we’ve come across. No hosepipe. No electricity. Water saving at its best.

It relies neither on electricity nor a hosepipe, so you can use it for just about everything, at any time and anywhere, whether at home or in a remote field.

With its adjustable pressurised water spray delivered through a handy trigger system, you can use water efficiently and effectively, choosing to apply a range of sprays from concentrated jet to a fine mist. This Hand Pump Pressure Sprayer has got a pressure of 0.4 MPa.

In fact, here are just some of the uses we’ve found for the Hand Pump Pressure Sprayer:

  • Washing the car – you can clean a 4 door saloon with under 10 litres of water
  • For those with babies and young kids, it’s ideal to jet wash muddy pram wheels
  • This will come in handy for sports enthusiasts, who’d prefer to clean their equipment before they pack it in the car – mountain bikes, canoes, rugby balls…. the list is endless
  • Cleaning windows – the jet will reach out-of-reach first floor windows
  • Gardeners will love this because they can carry it to those far reaches of the garden where their hosepipe just won’t reach. Or to water the lawn when buying a thirsty sprinkler is not practical.
  • We’ve even heard from someone whose shower broke down!

Hand Pump Pressure Sprayer Specifications

Total capacity – 11.70 litres
Working capacity – 11.0 litres

Pressure – 0.4 MPa or 58.01 psi

Net Weight (without water) – 2.2Kg

Height – 60cm

Hose length – 250cm
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John Boardman

This product has been used for car washing, watering plants and window washing. Car washing - easier to carry than buckets of water and nozzle means that under car can be washed. Front garden watering plants - easier than trailing the hose through the house and it holds more than a watering can. Window washing - it's good to have an adjustable nozzle and with good pressure the water reaches 1st floor windows. I learned by accident that the nozzle has a constant setting but it was easy to slide the trigger back to shut off the water.

Mike Woods

Thanks to the review by TakeMyLead Dog Walking Service I purchased the Hand Pump Pressure Washer primarily to clean my muddy dog. It has been an absolute delight to use. I can put warm to hot water in the washer as I quite like my dog and don’t want to shower him with cold water. I can have him clean in a matter of minutes using only about 3 litres of water, extra water can be used to clean off my muddy boots leaving all the mud where it belongs: outdoors! This is an extremely well-made product that will last a long time and is well worth the cost. It has the added advantage of replacement parts being available. I was daft enough to leave my pressure washer in the car during the extremely cold weather at the end of 2010, the water froze and cracked the valve. SaveWaterSaveMoney sent me a new replacement valve at no cost, now that’s what I call service! I also intend to use my Hand Pump Pressure Washer to clean my car and caravan when I’m away.

Mark McBryan

This arrived very promptly and has been fantastic in revolutionising my bike cleaning regime. As a regular cycle commuter my bike gets a hammering and this has allowed me to be far better at cleaning her down after most rides home. It's easy to fill and use giving roughly the same force of spray as I've got using a friend's plug-in portable bike washer. Well worth the money.

Jamie synnott

This is a fantastic product because 1) it's good value for money 2) it's easy to use and carry 3) it saves time water and money 4) it's well build and good quality 5) it has very high pressure pumped to max I use my hand pump pressure washer to ....... 1) clean car 2) clean path and patio 3) water plants and flowers

D Jennings

Excellent for cleaning our dogs with