Stylish toilets that save water and save money

When it comes to choosing a new toilet these days, water saving features really shouldn’t be an added extra. Customers should be able to expect them built in. And with our toilet range – including dual flush and full access toilets, toilet cisterns, bidets and accessories – you can. All you need to think about is which is best for you. Whether it’s a corner toilet you need with an ideal standard toilet seat or a wall hung toilet with a concealed U bend and a soft close lid, take a look at the stylish options for contemporary bathrooms we offer.

Where possible, we provide water usage and water saving design information on all our toilets. Our aim is to enable you to make the best value for money choice, whatever you budget.  

Have a think about what type of toilet would suit your needs best.

  • •Rimless – which means there’s no rim inside the toilet bowl, making it more hygienic and easier to clean
  • •Dual flush – so you can choose between a full flush or half flush, and only use the water you need each time
  • •Full access – which is a toilet that’s easier to plumb and means you can get to the waste pipe easily for maintenance
  • •Back to wall – so the toilet wastepipe is cleverly enclosed in the design but can’t be accessed as readily as a full access model
  • •Concealed cistern – which looks sleek, as the toilet cistern is designed to be hidden from view
  • •Toilet pan – which means that the toilet bowl fitting has been designed to be used with a concealed cistern