Beautiful taps as stylish as they are water efficient

We know that a good tap can make a bathroom basin, bath or kitchen sink stunning. So from ideal standard taps to high end models we have something for every taste and budget. Whether you need kitchen taps or bidet taps, bathroom taps or cross water taps, mixer taps or wall mounted taps, our experts have chosen the best, water saving and money saving options to show you. Take a look at our range.

Where possible, we provide water usage and water saving design information on our tap products. Our aim is to enable you to make the best value for money choice, whatever you budget.

What type of tap would you prefer?

• Mixer taps – which have a hot and cold tap with one spout, where the hot and cold water come out combined

• Freestanding taps – which provide an elegant look to bathrooms, sinks and utility rooms

• Wall mounted taps – which come out of the wall and conceal the rest of the tap pipes behind it

• Tap aerators – which cleverly add micro bubbles to the water flow, reducing the amount of water lost through it splashing straight off what is being washed.