The same invigorating shower experience yet using less water and less energy

Looking for the perfect waterfall shower for your bathroom, walk in shower, wet room or shower cubicle? Well look no further. Our specialists have hand-picked the most stylish range of water saving and money saving shower and shower accessories available. From shower heads, shower enclosures and shower trays to electric showers, shower rail kits and shower valves, whatever you need to give you that invigorating washing experience, we can help. With our range it is possible to have the best of the water efficient features, but still at a reasonable price.  Take a look at the selection of showering products in our bathroom store.

Where possible, we provide water usage and water saving design information on our shower products. Our aim is to enable you to make the best value for money choice, whatever you budget.

If you would like to find out more, check out our top tips below.

• Handheld shower head - which provides the flexibility to use the shower in any position in your shower      cubicle, making it a great way to wash in smaller spaces

• Fixed shower head – means the shower head is in a static, fixed position, providing a stylish look and feel  to modern bathroom suites or shower enclosures

• Multi-function - so you can choose between water spray settings depending on your preference

• Microphone style - which has a sleek, rectangular shape – ideal for singing into in the shower

• Shower timers – which are a great reminder when in the shower, to know how long you have been in there