Mira Eco Water Saving Multi Function Shower Head in Chrome

WRAS Approved.

Our specialists were keen to stock this product as part of our range because it's an elegant way to help you save water and energy in the bathroom when you shower. As bathroom accessories of this nature go, its three-setting, aerated, handheld shower head will help you use less water and therefore save money on your utility bills. And with the aerated technology, you'll still get the same, invigorating and relaxing showers that you're used to.

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Product Description

The details and benefits of this water efficient shower head:

  • Water efficient - With a flow rate of 8 litre per minute, compared to a standard 15 litre per minute flow rate
  • Smart aerated design – Giving you a truly exhilarating shower experience of large, refreshing water droplets filled with air that explode on contact with your skin
  • Easy to fit – Simply switch your existing shower head for this triple setting one in seconds
  • Same showering experience – Just as powerful as a regular bathroom shower yet uses less water
  • Eco water saving – With the shower head spray providing full coverage on each of the three modes: start, smooth and force
  • No nozzle loss or reduction – So both the number of nozzles and the nozzle size remain the same
  • Compatible with main pressure systems – It will also work with pumped systems*
  • Guarantee – This model comes with a 5 year guarantee


*Not suitable for Electric Showers or lower pressure systems or gravity fed systems with less than 0.5 bar pressure. If you are uncertain if this product is suitable we recommend you contact the manufacturer

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We are water efficiency experts

Since 2007, we’ve used our unrivalled expertise to distribute more than 2,750,000 products to 1,000,000 customers, saving Britain over 51 billion litres of water.

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Ours isn’t an ordinary bathroom range. Each stylish piece is hand-selected by experienced experts to be water-efficient, cost-effective, attractive or all three.

We will help you save

Whether you’re on a water meter or not, our products can save you money on your utility bills by using less energy to heat the water you use.

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What people are saying

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Excellent, still get an enjoyable shower but with less water!

Mr Malcolm Mann

Better value then local DIY/plumbing stores and service was excellent. The unit seems to be doing the job well.


I ordered this on a Thursay and it arrived on the Saturday - wasn't expecting it to be so quick so very happy with that. Have now been using the shower head for a few days and am pleased with it.

paulo lewandowski

Good product

Mr Gerald Chappell

Does exactly what it says it will do, saves water and if you are on a meter saves you money, well pleased with the product.