Water Efficiency

At Save Water Save Money Ltd, our aim is to build awareness of water efficiency in the UK. But that doesn’t mean getting people to stop using water. Rather, we want to spread the word that the key to saving water is about reducing waste, not restricting use. We’d like everyone to do their little bit – after all, small changes can make a big difference.

Whether or not you’re on a water meter, saving water can save you money on bills. If you’re on a water meter, the savings are obvious – but if you don’t have one, it still results in more money in your pocket, as your energy bills will be less. You may not realise it but 23% of your home energy usage is taken up by heating water.

Save Water Save Money Ltd has teamed up with WeForest, a charity which has planted nearly 6 million trees throughout equatorial regions of the world. We aim to grow our very own forest, based on your efforts to use less water. Against every product on our website you’ll find a tree icon, which represents what contribution we’ll make to this forest as a direct result of your purchase. All contributions are made from our profits.

Every quarter we’ll donate the number of trees relative to the collective activities of our customers and donate to WeForest. We’ll then tell you how much our forest is growing in our eNewsletter. Over time, you’ll be able to see how your actions are making a direct difference to both the environment and to your pocket through the water and money saving products provided by Save Water Save Money Ltd.


Plant a Tree Initiative



Your Product’s Carbon Footprint

Here at Save Water Save Money Ltd we believe that businesses are responsible for achieving great environmental practice and operating in a sustainable manner. This policy is at the forefront of everything we do including how we deliver your goods to you. Here at Save Water Save Money Ltd we use many different suppliers from all across the UK meaning we can offer the best quality products at competitive pricing.

To achieve these high standards we work hard with our suppliers to reduce deliveries into as a fewer trips as possible, saving on delivery miles. Many of our products are delivered direct from the manufacturer to your door, reducing your goods carbon footprint from transport costs.

This does however mean that you may order several items from our website which are all being delivered by different suppliers in different parts of the country, under these circumstances we cannot always pass on a discount on delivery of multiple items.