Electric Showers - Why are they Water Efficient?

Why are electric showers water efficient?

The importance of considering the UK’s water usage and where savings can be made is again a top priority as according to recent statistics, the average person living in England and Wales use around 150 litres of water per day. Being more water efficient is not only a great way of boosting your eco-friendly credentials, but also one of the simplest means of cutting down on water and electricity expenses. So, is it possible to take a comfortable shower in a water-conscious household? Without a doubt! Installing an electric shower is one way to make a smart choice for your water conserving home.

In a survey carried out by Triton Showers on the UK’s showering habits, it was revealed that Britons could be wasting on average 271,000 million litres of water each year by spending an extra five minutes a day in the shower. Triton’s survey also revealed that although 86% of those questioned have shifted from taking water-intensive baths to a shower, almost half spend between 10 – 15 minutes in the shower.

Based on an average shower using around 60 litres of water every five minutes, by simply changing to a water saving model, such as the Water Efficient Single Setting Showerhead and or Mira Eco Showerhead, or even just cutting five minutes off showering time with the use of the Shower Timer, we each could typically save around 21,900 litres every year.

Electric Showers: A Cost-Effective Alternative to the Conventional Systems

In case you do not wish to have hot water in reserve for every given moment and you do not mind slightly lower pressure, then an electric shower could be perfect for you.

The electric shower is the most popular form of shower for UK consumers, due to its simple installation and effective results. Electric showers are different from other systems because they do not need a source of hot water to run effectively. They work by taking water from the mains cold water supply and passing it through an element inside the shower unit that heats water as it passes. The electric shower is economical and easy to install, however we strongly advise that you check with your electrician as to the requirements you will need.

Electric shower systems are considered the best variety of shower systems to install in bathrooms for owners looking for an opportunity to save on energy and water bills. The benefits of an electric system include:

  • Saving Energy: An electric shower only heats water as and when it is needed. Therefore the heating associated with the system is minimized.
  • Saving Electricity: Electric showers usually run at a mains pressure of around 6 litres per minute. Most other system’s pressure average 8 litres per minute allowing you to save a considerable amount of water each time you shower.
  • Longevity: A shower system will not ever run out of water as long as cold water is in supply and the system is working. The shower will provide hot showers all day long as long as the water supply is available.
  • Environment: An electric system offers more benefits for the environment with the reduction of electricity and water required for showering.
  • Fitted anywhere: An electric shower can be fitted at any point where the mains water can reach.