About Us

Our Mission

At Save Water Save Money, our aim is to build awareness of water efficiency in the UK and offer the most effective water saving products available.

Whether or not you’re on a water meter, saving water can save you money on bills. If you’re on a water meter, the savings are obvious – but if you don’t have one, it still results in more money in your pocket, as your energy bills will be less. It should be noted that 23% of your home energy usage is taken up by heating water. But that doesn’t mean getting people to stop taking showers! Rather, we have selected products that are discreet and make the water you use more effective and products that prompt water and money saving behaviour.

How we do it

Our access to specialist insight into water efficiency and customer behaviour is unrivalled. This expertise has been developed since 2007 and has saved British homeowners from paying for over 51 billion litres of water through delivering over 2.5 million products to households and thus being the largest supplier of water saving devices in that market. This experience and existing infrastructure will allow us to offer an unrivalled service to Irish householders.

We want to make it easier for customers to save water, energy and gas with minimal impact. We offer not only water efficient devices but also outline simple ways to save money on utility bills.


In 2013, we co-sponsored the largest ever review of domestic water use in the UK involving some 86,000 households along with the Energy Saving Trust, Proctor & Gamble, Thames Water, DEFRA and the Consumer Council for Water.

Working with the Energy Saving Trust, Sustainable Homes and UK Water Companies, in 2010 we helped found the ‘Sustainable Communities Partnership’. Designed to make cutting-edge water and energy saving devices accessible to tenants of Local Authorities, the partnership is able to deliver huge potential savings, both financially and ecologically. In 2012 SWSM Ltd conducted research with the British Dental Health Foundation which revealed that nearly two-thirds (64%) of 7 to 10 year olds leave the tap running while brushing their teeth, wasting 12 litres of water each time. We united with National Smile Month to help address this in a fun and engaging way –with some help from the SWSM Toothy Timer.

Water Efficiency Innovations

Over the years SWSM Ltd have co-developed and brought to market several innovative water efficiency products with many more in the pipeline. Below are some of these:


Fill the bath quicker, more fun and less water.

It is considerable how much water is used in bathing the child every day?

BathBuoyTM is inflatable accessory designed to reduce the water used to fill a standard bath by 40% and gives the kids a tropical island to play with.

The colourful BathBuoyTM inflates in seconds and easily attaches to the bottom of the bath and fits into most types and shapes of bathtubs. The levels of the ocean, sand and land on the island are your guides when filling the bath – saving you up to 30 litres of water every time.


Don't pour your fats, oil or grease down the sink, use GunkPot!

Did you know that over 50% of sewer blockages are caused by fats and oils being poured down the sink which should instead go in the bin. So to help save you a major headache and the cost of clearing pipes and to tackle the growing impact on municipal waste water systems, we developed the GunkPot.

GunkPot is a pop-up container for storing cooled fats, oils and grease from cooking to save you pouring them down the drain. It comes with a silicone plate scraper to scrape away excess fats, oils and grease from your pots and pans into the GunkPot. It also comes with a sink strainer to catch any leftover food bits going down the drain.


LeakyLoo is the quick, simple way to tell if your toilet is leaking.

You may not know it’s happening — but if your toilet is leaking, you could be wasting up to 400 litres of water every day. A leak isn’t easy to spot with the naked eye, as the water just runs invisibly inside the cistern and away.

LeakyLoo is a hassle-free way to see if the overflow in your toilet has a leak. A strip of biodegradable water soluble paper which attaches to the back of your toilet bowl and flushes away without blockage or damage to the environment.


Hot water without the waste

It’s a simple fact: if you have a combination boiler, you’ll be pouring water and money down the plughole every time you wait for the Combi to heat up.

CombiSmart is a simple thermostatic device that accelerates the heating process by holding back water while the Combi boiler heats it to the right temperature. In doing this, it is able to dramatically reduce water wastage and utility bills.