Water is wonderful – and with a free Water Efficiency Check, it’s easier than ever to save it.

Simply book your appointment – it’s that easy.

A full Water Efficiency Check takes up to 45 minutes and gives you the chance to have your home fitted with free water-saving devices and checked for leaks. Once complete, you won’t even notice many of the changes we’ve made to help you save water – so you can still enjoy lovely warm baths or showers as you did before.

Areas being covered now

Having completed over 35,000 visits so far, we’re now providing free Water Efficiency Checks around Nottingham – and we’re currently in the NG17 area. If you’re in this area, you can book now.

If you’re in another area of Nottingham and are interested in getting your home checked, please request a call back using the button below.

A Water Efficiency Check includes

  • An assessment of your current water use

    We’ll ask you some questions and use our water efficiency calculator to work out how much water you use in your home. This will highlight where any savings can be made.

  • Fitting water saving devices where possible

    Our technician will check the flow rate of your taps, shower and toilets to see if you can save water by fitting appropriate water-saving devices which we’ll supply free of charge.

  • Providing hints and tips to help you save water around your home

    We’ve got some great ideas about how you can save water around your home – these are easy to follow and won’t affect your enjoyment of water. We’ll share these with you as part of the check.

Why we should save water

We want everyone to enjoy water - both now and into the future. By making some simple changes, we can help to make sure there’s enough for generations to come. Saving water can make a big difference to your family, your community and even your pocket too.