Reduce Your Water Rates for your small business

Get maximum cost reduction on bills and overheads, with simple, clear advice on:

  • - Starting up a small business or working from home
  • - Getting tax relief for your small business
  • - Increasing your small business’ energy efficiency, reducing water rates and cutting utility bills
  • - Making the most of small business opportunities
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How Can We Help Your Business

UtilityWater is part of the Save Water Save Money Ltd group, which works closely with water companies, businesses and homes to increase water efficiency and water conservation across the UK. We aim to help all kinds of small businesses, commercial offices, shops and independent retailers to save water and money:

  • Care homes, nurseries
  • B&B, hotels, coffee shop, restaurants
  • Dry cleaners, launderette
  • Florists, boutique, garden centres
  • Garage, car dealerships
  • Hair salons, beauty salon, nail bars

We provide a wide selection of water-saving products for small businesses, from WRAS-approved and Water Technology-listed, to free gadgets you can use every day. You’ll also discover lots of tips on setting up a small business, plus utility bill, water rate and energy cost reduction, and advice on tax relief initiatives like the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme (ECA) – as well as countless ways to help build your business.

Many of our water-saving products are approved by the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WRAS). WRAS exists to promote knowledge of water regulations throughout the UK, and to help with water conservation. Their primary criteria are that a product must not cause waste, misuse, undue consumption or contamination of the water supply, and must be ‘of appropriate quality and standard’.

When fitting products like baths, bidets, dishwashers, washing machines, valves, toilets, basins, sinks, urinals and showers – rigorous mechanical and water quality testing is carried out, to demonstrate full compliance with the relevant regulations and bylaws. So when a product has WRAS approval, you can be confident it’s completely water-efficient. 

The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme enables small businesses like yours to claim tax back on energy-saving equipment. In the world of water efficiency, Enhanced Capital Allowances are available as a tax incentive, which means a business can write off the whole cost of an accredited water-saving product (like the ones on this site) against the business’s taxable profits.

It’s all part of a Government programme to manage climate change, and encourages businesses to go a bit greener. Buying water saving devices that qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances can help you not only save up to 21% on your purchase – but it can also help you save on your energy bills too. So it makes sense to see what relief you can get from purchasing water saving products.

We’re here to help small businesses cut down on their water rates, utility bills and energy costs. Whether or not your business plan includes the conservation of water, it’s imperative that you look at how much you’re spending – and wasting.

Simply by fitting water-saving gadgets (many of which you can get free on this site), checking for leaks in toilets that you can’t always see and increasing employee awareness, you could reduce your water rates and utility bills by £100s per year. For even more remarkable savings, we can guide you in the best water-efficient products for your small business – from toilets and urinals, to eco showerheads, and water-efficient washing machines and dishwashers, all of which can dramatically cut your water wastage.

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