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Shower regulator

Shower regulator

Not Suitable for Electric, Digital or Power Showers

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Here at Save Water Save Money we offer almost 1000 water efficient products to help you save water, energy and money in the Kitchen, Bathroom and Garden. Our water butts are all competitively priced and we will also plant 1 tree for each water butt purchased showing a tree icon. Our Mira Eco shower head is available for less than half the normal price. It will aerate your shower flow, allowing you to reduce the amount of hot water you will use.

Refill Bottle - Part of the Refill Campaign

Refill Bottle - Part of the Refill Campaign

The website shows a map of 'refill' stations where you can top up any refillabl...


Sorry, only one pack can be ordered per household. If you are ordering products for family or friends please use their address to prevent the order being blocked. If you have any questions about Bristol Water’s free saving packs, why not visit our dedicated page of Frequently Asked Questions about our free water savers or call 0345 371 0728.