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Kitchen Taps
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Water Efficient Kitchen Taps

Our range of kitchen taps has been specially selected to not exceed 8 litres of water flow rate so whichever model you choose, you'll know that you'll be as water efficient as possible. Look out for the WRAS approval mark on many of our water efficient taps. Designed for a range of basins and from some of the industry’s top brands including Grohe and RAK Ceramcis. For a larger range of chrome taps please check out our bathroom taps section.

How water gets to your home and why should you try to save water

Many people in the world enjoy access to lots of clean, fresh water. How does it get to our homes and how much water does a person in an average developed country uses? Can this be reduced and why should we take more care of the amount of water we use every day?

Water Conservation

In developed countries, each person uses up to 1000 litres of water every day to drink, cook, wash, flush toilets and water gardens. However, in countries where water is not piped into houses, people use as little as five litres per day.

We cannot drink less water, but we can find ways to save water while performing every day activities around the house and garden:

  1. Repair dripping taps.
  2. Take a quick shower instead of a bath.
  3. Wash dishes in a bowl or a water efficient dishwasher , not under a running tap.
  4. Wash the car with a bucket of water instead of a hose.
  5. Water the garden at cool times of the day – early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

How does clean water get to our homes?

Fresh water is pumped from a lake or reservoir to a water filtration plant, where it is filtered to remove weeds, fish and minerals. It is then pumped into storage tanks. Another source of clean water is waste water that comes from our homes, gets treated and then pumped back to storage tanks.

From the storage tanks it moves into underground water mains, which carry water to taps in your home. When we open the tap, the pressure in the pipes pushes the water out. Water pipes can also be connected directly to wells or boreholes to provide water to houses that are not connected to the water mains.

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