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Hand Pump Pressure Sprayer

No hosepipe. No electricity. Water saving at its best.

Only £28.99

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The Water Saving Hand Pump Pressure Sprayer is the most versatile water-saving product we’ve come across. No hosepipe. No electricity. Water saving at its best.

It relies neither on electricity nor a hosepipe, so you can use it for just about everything, at any time and anywhere, whether at home or in a remote field.

With its adjustable pressurised water spray delivered through a handy trigger system, you can use water efficiently and effectively, choosing to apply a range of sprays from concentrated jet to a fine mist. This Hand Pump Pressure Sprayer has got a pressure of 0.4 MPa.

In fact, here are just some of the uses we’ve found for the Hand Pump Pressure Sprayer:

  • Washing the car – you can clean a 4 door saloon with under 10 litres of water
  • For those with babies and young kids, it’s ideal to jet wash muddy pram wheels
  • This will come in handy for sports enthusiasts, who’d prefer to clean their equipment before they pack it in the car – mountain bikes, canoes, rugby balls…. the list is endless
  • Cleaning windows – the jet will reach out-of-reach first floor windows
  • Gardeners will love this because they can carry it to those far reaches of the garden where their hosepipe just won’t reach. Or to water the lawn when buying a thirsty sprinkler is not practical.
  • We’ve even heard from someone whose shower broke down!

Hand Pump Pressure Sprayer Specifications

Total capacity – 11.70 litres

Working capacity – 11.0 litres

Pressure – 0.4 MPa or 58.01 psi

Net Weight (without water) – 2.2Kg

Height – 60cm

Hose length – 250cm

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