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Free Water Saving Products from your Water Company

Save Water Save Money works with UK Water Companies to offer free water saving products to help reduce utility bills. Simply select your water company from the list below to see what free products you can get:

If you cannot view the logos above, please click the links below, corresponding to your water company:

As the largest supplier of water efficiency products in the UK, Save Water Save Money working together with UK water companies and water experts from around the world have sourced innovative products which can help you reduce your water usage and therefore bills.

The range of products offered varies depending on your water company but some of the most common include:

FREE Cistern Displacement Devices

These water saving devices are easy to fit and are placed in the toilet cistern and will save you approximately one litre of water every time you flush yet only 17% of suitable toilets in the UK are fitted with one*. They can be used in close coupled toilets and toilets with separate cisternsbut we do not recommend their use if you already have a water efficient dual flush toilet.

FREE Eco Shower heads

An Eco showerhead is designed to save on your hot water bills while not compromising on the invigorating and relaxing feel of your showers. A replacement eco showerhead is ideal for reducing your water usage and therefore your utility bills. They screw into most existing shower hoses, fitting takes seconds and yet so according to the EST just 24% of suitable households reported using efficient eco-showerheads.

Save Water Save Money also offers a larger range of single and multi-setting eco showerheads for sale.

FREE Tap Inserts

Together with the world leader in flow and stream control technology, Save Water Save Money has developed a range of tap insert packs, designed to reduce the flow rate of sink taps around the home to 5 litres a minute, saving up to 12 litres a minute.

FREE Shower Regulator

The shower regulator or showersave attaches to most shower hoses and will help to reduce the amount of water used when you shower. This will result in cheaper energy bills, and if you have a meter installed in your home, help to make savings on your water bill too, all whilst allowing you to keep your existing showerhead.

FREE 4 minute shower timer

Every time you turn on the shower, turn the timer — it'll tell you when you have spent 4 minutes in the shower. And cutting just a minute off your shower time could save £15 in energy bills, and a further £15 in water bills if water is metered, per person, per year. That’s £120 saved a year for an average four-person household.*

FREE LeakyLoo

You may not know it’s happening — but if your toilet is leaking, you could be wasting up to 400 litres of water every day*. A leak isn’t easy to spot with the naked eye, as the water just dribbles invisibly inside the cistern, down the cistern pan and into the water.

LeakyLoo is a hassle-free way to see if the overflow in your toilet has a leak. A strip of biodegradable water soluble paper which attaches to the back of your toilet bowl and flushes away without blockage or damage to the environment.

If your water company does not offer Leaky Loo you can buy this product here.

* All statistics on this page are based on Energy Saving Trust Report At home with Water

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