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Mira Eco Shower Head Chrome

Mira Eco Water Saving Shower Head in Chrome will help you save water and energy when you shower. This three-setting, aerated handheld shower head will help you use less water, energy and will save money on your utility bills, while not compromising on the invigorating and relaxing feel of your showers

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Mira Eco Shower Head

Save Water and Energy When You Shower. Be Frugal.

The smart MIRA Eco Water Saving Shower Head gives you a truly exhilarating shower, with giant water droplets filled with air, which sumptuously explode on your body – meaning you use less water and less energy. So (as long as you don’t end up spending all day in the shower) you save water, and as a result, money.

Mira Eco Water Saving Shower Head Features:

  • Eco Water Saving spray gives full coverage and a greater performance across all three aerating spray modes: Start, Soothe and Force
  • Aerating water creates larger droplets filled with air bubbles
  • Droplets explode on impact providing great coverage
  • Reducing the amount of water means less energy is used
  • Enjoy frugal living with no loss in number of nozzles, no reduction in nozzle size, just a great saving in water bills and energy costs
System Applications:
  • Provided with a 7 litre per minute flow regulator
  • Gravity-fed systems 0.5 bar and above
  • Mains pressure systems
  • Pumped systems

Not suitable for use with
  • Electric showers
  • Lower pressure systems
  • Gravity fed systems with less than 0.5 bar pressure

If you're uncertain if the MIRA Eco Shower Head is suitable for your home, please visit our FAQs.

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  • Colin 30-11--0001
  • Excellent, still get an enjoyable shower but with less water!
  • Did you find this useful? 4
  • Mr Malcolm Mann 04-12-2013
  • Better value then local DIY/plumbing stores and service was excellent. The unit seems to be doing the job well.
  • Did you find this useful? 2
  • Angela 30-11--0001
  • I ordered this on a Thursay and it arrived on the Saturday - wasn't expecting it to be so quick so very happy with that. Have now been using the shower head for a few days and am pleased with it.
  • Did you find this useful? 2
  • Mr Gerald Chappell 30-11--0001
  • Does exactly what it says it will do, saves water and if you are on a meter saves you money, well pleased with the product.
  • Did you find this useful? 2
  • Mr Paul Turner 30-11--0001
  • I have installed this Eco Shower Head on our power shower, works well and does save water. The water save depends on the flow of water the faster the water flow the less efficient it seems to work, if you reduce the flow the more efficient the shower head
  • Did you find this useful? 2
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